Tommy did a great job on our property, great service and we already have people asking who did it for us..

Johnny Evans

Completely professional service, above and beyond what we expected from the damage mother nature had done to our woods and property....they have helped us give it all a fresh start! We cannot thank them enough, for all the extra work with our dog pen to how they kept the worksite as clean of debris as humanly possible. Ton of work done, and we cannot wait for all the healthy trees to finally grow!

Ronada Forgay

I can't say enough positive things about Lori and Tommy. They are responsive, extremely professional, very reasonable regarding cost, and just super nice people. I'm truly amazed as to how quickly and thoroughly they cleaned up the huge mess of downed pines in my backyard. I highly recommend that you reach out to Wolfe Forestry Mulching should you need this type of work done.


These guys rock!!! I hired them to mulch around my property line and did a fantastic job. Great to work with! Thank You!!! Looks great!!

Todd Shears

Having dealt with the Wolfes in the past, I called them to look at some work I needed done getting an overgrown farm ready for new fencing. They met me, looked at it, quoted it and came to do the work the next week. The work they did was FAR beyond my expectations and the price was great. Every experience I've had with this family run business has been beyond great. Getting to know them has been a pleasure and seeing the work they do is amazing.

Seth Coleman

I wish everyone I deal with was this conscientious! Wouldn't it be great if every service provider you used was foremost concerned with doing the job properly? Wolfe is that kind of business! They are family run, so you get people who are vested in the satisfaction of their customers, and they seem to me to be just good folks. Tommy Wolfe runs the machine and watching that is a treat unto itself! I had about 3/4 of an acre of mostly unusable wooded area, and Tommy turned it into the equivalent of a state park in a day! Tommy knows forestry, and he was a great help deciding what trees would need to be culled out. He runs what must be a 7 or 8 ton skid steer with the precision of a surgeon! The results are absolutely fantastic. We have about 2x to 3x the usable space now covered in hardwood mulch for a growing dog to run! It's not cheap, but it's a great value. Tommy completed in a day what would have taken me months to do and a similar amount spent in medical copays! Added bonus...I get to keep the use of my lower back!

Tim Weatherspoon